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Our Services

Welcome to Boat Shipping USA!

We are a group of marine specialists with more than 20 years of International Boat Shipping, Container Loading, Ocean Transportation, Boat CE Certification and Boat Repair experience. Our goal is to assist international boat and yacht buyers around the world to buy, prepare for shipping and export boats with trailers internationally.

After your boat is arrived, we begin the shipping process by manufacturing our custom made steel cradle. After we successfully secured your boat with straps on the cradle under a certain angle, we begin a loading process by moving the whole structure (boat on the cradle) inside 40’HC container. This method allows our customers save on average 30%-40% on shipping cost compared to Ro-Ro (Roll-On, Roll-Off) and Lo-Lo (Lift-On, Lift- Off) methods which we also offer.

We can accommodate the industry leading boats with maximum dimensions of 39’5″ length, 8’6” beam and 7’8” height inside a standard 40’HC container. As an exclusive packing agent we partner with  USA Inter Cargo (Freight forwarder) to offer our clients a complete service from boat shipping to worldwide export (freight forwarding).

We offer you the best on the market one step boat buying experience as we offer all the services under one roof. We offer competitive shipping rates from any port in the U.S. to any International destination.

We can also pick up of your boat from any U.S. based dealership, marina, home, eBay seller, auction, dry storage. After your boat arrived to our loading facility, we inspect the boat, drain fluids (gas, oil, water), disassemble windshields, remove tops, disconnect batteries, etc. We can move boats on trailers or build customized cradles for international shipping. We take care of all U.S. export documentation and formalities, issue transportation documents and provide marine insurance for international boat shipping.

We can also assist you in purchasing new or used boat from local and national auctions, dealers and other sources. We provide a complete survey report from local surveyors.

Please send you boat shipping quote and we will reply with a fast and free quote!

Services that we offer but not limited to:

  • Boat International Shipping / Export
  • Boat Container Services (International Shipping)
  • Ro-Ro (Roll-on Roll-off) (International Shipping)
  • Lo-Lo (Lift-on Lift-off) (International Shipping)
  • Boat Shipping Cradles (International Shipping)
  • Boat Packing and Loading into Container or on the Cradle (International Shipping)
  • Ocean Freight Purchase (Partners with USA Inter Cargo)
  • Boat Inland Transportation
  • “All Risk” in transit (cargo) Insurance
  • Boat Purchase Services (Escrow Service)
  • Boat Repairs and Refinishing
  • Boat Parts Supply
  • CE Certificates and Marking (EU Requirement)

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