Preparing your boat for a “voyage”…

When you prepare your boat for international boat shipping it is important to choose an international boat carrier that helps you make the preparation process a little easier.


Our years of experience in this field help us to offer you the most straightforward shipping process possible. After you submit your shipping request to us we get straight to work, ensuring your experience with us will be nothing but “smooth sailing”. We begin by manufacturing the custom made steel cradle, which is needed to secure your boat while it is being shipped. We strap the boat onto the cradle under a certain angle, and we then start the loading process by moving the whole structure (boat on the cradle) inside a 40’HC international shipping container. This international shipping container method allows you to save on average 30%-40% on the entire shipping cost. We also shrink-wrap the boat to prevent any kind of damage during the loading, unloading and transportation process. We also take care of all U.S. export documentation and formalities, issue transportation documents and provide marine insurance for international boat shipping.


We use Ro-Ro shipping (Roll-on Roll-off) for oversized boats loaded on special flatbed, mafi or lowboy trailers. The Ro-Ro shipping rates are always calculated considering the cubic meters of your boat, so we remove arches, radars and towers to reduce the boat volume.


Lo-Lo shipping (Lift-on Lift off) international yacht transport method is used for larger power boats and yachts when the boat is too large for a trailer. That means that your boat is actually lifted onto the vessel that will ship it.


We offer some very competitive shipping rates from any port in the U.S. to any international destination. With Boat Shipping USA your boat is prepared and ready to be shipped internationally.


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