Our tools, your help in need

When you prepare for an international boat shipping process, there are a few important steps to consider.


The first step is, of course, research. With a little bit of knowledge in the market, you can find the best international boat shipping transporter to carry your boat from the US to a worldwide destination. In the research phase, you need to find a carrier that offers you the best services and  tools at the best prices on the market. You also need to be careful to choose a transporter that matches your needs, in case your boat is too big to fit in a standard 40’HC international boat shipping container.


Once you identify a few potential transporters, the second logical step is to contact them and present them with your request. Based on their quotes, you can then make an educated decision, in terms of what shipping company to opt for.


But what if you are not exactly sure of where exactly you stand in terms of your boat’s specifications so you need to do quite a bit more research before contacting an international boat shipping company? Simply put, you are not exactly sure of your boat’s technical specifications.


If you find yourself in that situation, Boat Shipping USA puts a few tools to your availability which you can use in order to get a lot more information and perspective over the boat’s technical aspects, which in turn affect the shipping price and process. We call them our “Customer Tools” and they are very important because they help you to better understand what you face when you prepare your boat for an international boat shipping process. Some of our tools include a  currency converter, Letters of Intent models and also NADA guides. This is probably the most important tool as it assist you in identifying the correct container size in which to ship your boat, fact that ultimately affects the price of the shipping process. In other word, you get a preview of what to expect from the boat shipping quote companies and not be taken by surprise by unrealistic price quotes.

Please feel free to check our website Boat Shipping USA , the Customer Tools section and do not hesitate to contact us if you need help in order to successfully complete your international boat shipping process.


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