3 methods in how to ship your boat

When looking to ship a boat over seas, we have 3 main options to choos from:


The first method to ship your boat is Roll-on/Roll-off, also called RO-RO. This is the most popular international boat shipping method. Your boat stays on a trailer for the entire trip. In case your boat doesn’t have a trailer, we fabricate you a custom made shipping cradle. RO-RO shipping rates are calculated in cubic meters, so we disassemble any archs, radars and towers to reduce the size of the vessle.

To secure your boat in transit, we use shrink wrap protection film.


The second manner in which you can ship your boat is the container international boat shipping method that we practice when a boat is too large to be rolled straight inside the shipping container. We shift the boat on it’s side and safely fit it inside a 40’HC container using tilt method and a custom made shipping cradle. This method is prefered when multiple boats with trailers are shipped inside the same shipping container.


Another method used for shipping your boat is Lift on – Lift off, also called Lo-Lo. This international boat transport method is used for larger power boats and yachts. It is used in cases when the boat is too wide for trailer or doesn’t fit either a container or the Ro-Ro feeder’s door opening. Even if the shipping rates and port fees are higher, it can still be a very economical method to use. The reason for the higher rates are due to the use of extra equipment such as forklifts, cranes, manpower, and of course cradle costs. This is a boat’s trader favorite shipping option for a large vessel.


Whichever method you will choose, we will take care of it. With 20 years of Marine Industry experience, Boat Shipping USA specializes in boat shipping, boat export (loading, packing), parts supply, custom made cradles and many more. Our unique method of loading boats with dimensions of up to 39’ length and up to 8’6” beam inside standard 40’HC container gives you the most secure way to ship your boat. This technique saves you an average of 30%-40% on international boat shipping cost compared to Ro-Ro (Roll-on, Roll-off) and Lo-Lo (Lift-on, Lift-off) shipping methods that we use as well. Boat Shipping USA ensures you that your boat will be in good hands . With the highest level of service and care on the market, you will receive the highest quality service at reasonable cost.


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